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Sixth movie from our “Asia na lajcie” journey. We’re changing the country, now broadcasting from Nepal: twelve-day trekking around Dhaulagiri.

We were long wondering – even at the stage of planning a trip, a few months before coming to Nepal – which trekking to choose. We were considering only budget option, we wanted to spend as little as possible, which greatly limited the number of choices. In Nepal, in many regions (the so-called restricted areas), such as Dolpo, Manaslu, Makalu, or Kanchenjunga you can not legally organize trekking on your own – without the help of agencies, porters support and without nepali guide. Until now, restrictions have been lifted in the Annapurna region, Langtang and Solukhumbu (Everest). If you want to choose a less frequented area, you have to pay much more. Travelers whose objectives usually determines the budget, choose mostly trekking in Langtang or Everest region, a popular trail around Annapurna, or around – lying in her neighborhood – Dhaulagiri massif. We decided to do the latest of them for several reasons. This trekking is considered difficult, there are only a few people going there, and along the way, you can summit a simple trekking (officially classified by the Nepal Mountaineering Association as an expedition peak) six-thousand-er Dhamus Peak (6013 m).

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