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Sixth movie from our “Asia na lajcie” journey. We’re changing the country, now broadcasting from Nepal: twelve-day trekking around Dhaulagiri.

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Fifth part of our “Asia na lajcie” journey: ten-day trekking in rarely visited Garhwal Himalaya.

Bonus movie from our journey – border closing ceremony at Attari-Wagah near Amritsar.

Fourth part form our journey:  visit in Srinagar – the capital of Kashmir, Dharamsala i Amritsar – Sikhs’ holy city.

We landed in Nepal at the wrong time, in the hot pre-election period. On November 19, 2013 the elections to the Constituent Assembly- the second after the overthrowing the monarchy – took place. It was a difficult time for the Nepalese. Country plunged into political chaos. Election campaigns were accompanied by loud street demonstrations and protests. On November 11th began the so-called Bandh (in Nepali “closed”) – the general strike. Elections were boycotted by Maoist Communist Party, they called for nine-day transport strike. At that time, the traffic situation in Nepal has been severely compromised. Schools were closed and some workplaces. Riots began.

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Third part of our “Asia na lajcie” trip – Trekking to Stok Kangri, easily accessible from Leh in four days.

We published our first photo report on (in polish):