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About us

We travel through life together for quite some time. We make a good team and a pretty good complement each other ☺. We share a common passion – mountain excursions. So far we’ve been to a variety of areas, we climbed together in the Tatra Mountains, the Alps, Croatia, Morocco, Cyprus and the Caucasus. It’s hard to keep up with us daily. We do not like to stay in place. Even before going for the trip, we are planning the next one and usually try not to go back to the same place twice. We travel active. We are interested in all this, what usually happens along the way – in short – to explore the world and discover unique places.

Jaga – professionally: event manager, privately: mountain addict, mountaineer and speleologist, kayaking instructor, adventure racing participant, fan of spinning, jogging, and all forms of movement.
White – professionally: programmer, software developer and computer wizard in one, privately: climber, an avid boulderman, SKPB mountain guide, orienteering champion, navigator, the passion – photography.

Web page is a photo & travel blog: photo shelter and practical information database regarding planning and organizing trips. You can also find here “grab’n’go” plans for active trips in different parts of the world.

On the blog we will post about our current travels: mountaineering, climbing, caving, biking, kayaking and skiing. Please, come back here frequently if you want to know where we currently are, what we’re doing and what have we seen so far.
The gallery contains an extensive collection of photographs from our trips. Albums are assigned to countries marked on the world map. In the gallery we present chronologically snapshots of places that we were able to visit in the past few years.
Photoblog is a kept up to date photo blog about traveling (but not only), where you will find the most interesting photos from White’s portfolio. Photographs will be posted along with technical commentary and originals. We encourage you to keep track of it!
Asia na lajcie
Asia Na Lajcie is a project of our six-month trip to India, Nepal, Thailand and Burma! In some stages of our trip we will travel with our friends. If anyone of you is also planning to be in September 2013 – February 2014 in South Asia – please let us know!