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aWhite| c2| FAzja na lajcie 2013| 8
LP grzeją się na półce :)

It’s sure – we’re going for a trip – for longer. We plan to travel across Asia for about half a year (details in Asia Na Lajcie).

While preparing for this trip, we finally decided to create our website – regarding travel, photography and everything that interests us. It won’t be a serious travel blog – we don’t really know what will it be :). We will however try to post pictures, practical information and grab’n’go trip plans. We will do all this for one purpose: to make you go on your travel. Well, also to help you plan and organize it once you decide :).

At the moment there is not too much content, but we hope that over time we will describe some of our previous trips, for now we invite you to browse the Gallery, hope it will inspire you.

If you want to get the latest and most recent information from the road – we suggest adding our profile to your friends on foursquare ( Last checkin from foursquare is always visible in the page footer, if you add us to your friends you will have access to the checkin history. Besides that – write, comment, like, G+  – it motivates us to frequent updates :).

See You on the road!


  1. aga | 25/08/2013 at 09:02 am

    To ja motywuje!Nic tu NIE PISZE! NIC A NIC!MNIEJ NIZ NIC!;)a tu sie czeka!!!:)

    • White | 26/08/2013 at 04:13 pm

      Cóż, ostatnio byliśmy ciągle w rozjazdach, w tej chwili jesteśmy w Leh. Jutro wyruszamy na trekking, spróbujemy coś jeszcze do tego czasu napisać :).