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Niżne Tatry 2013

In July we went to the mountains. To take a break from the crowds we decided to go to Slovakia.Low Tatras mountains are hardly visited and highly recommendable for a few days of wandering around. Their main ridge extends from Telegart to Donovaly village and this distance can be trekked in 5-6 days. The highest peak is Dumbier - 2034 m, and the most famous Chopok - 2024 m

In high season you can get from Zakopane to Poprad by local bus Strama Transport Company, then to Telegart or Donovaly by hitchhiking or combined transport Transport in Slovakia. On the ridge You can stay for free in wooden and climate shelters (utulniach) Shelters in the Low Tatras, as well as pithch a tent in one of the designated camping sites.